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Introducing Hello Happiness...

We are so excited to introduce our newest monthly feature. On social media, someone is always recommending something new to help them workout, cook, or use in their homes. So we decided to lean into our social media clients AND our fitness FB group members and this what they are loving and using this month!


It doesn't matter if you are into running or weights, we found something for everyone in our Hello Fitness FB group, Selena S recommended recovery sandals, which honestly I have never heard of but super excited to know they can be bought locally at Ridgefield Running Company! Speaking of running, do you use a watch to keep yourself on pace, see which one Jackee won't run without. Which brand do you use? Music seriously makes working out so much more fun, but how many times have you gotten on a treadmill to only discover that you forgot your headphones!! We know! We keep backups in our gym bag for that very catastrophe... are you a wireless headphones fan like Alyssa?

If you workout daily, what do you do about your hair? Do you wash it daily or like Tonya spray on some Batiste Dry Shampoo between workouts to keep the hair from being to oily... bonus it adds volume to your hair!

It's alway more fun to workout when you use new tech toys or treat yourself to some well deserved rewards for pushing yourself to new limits. You will find all the support you need to hit new fitness goals in our fitness group, Hello Fitness on FB. Join us and let's motivate each other to hit our 2020 goals!


Thanks to Kickfit, Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga and FitGuana for being so giving of their time and for being members of our Guide & groups.


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