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GUIDE Subscription

The cost: $50 monthly or $500 annually

What you get:

501(C) Non-Profits!

Enter discount code nonprofit for 50% off

an annual subscription price. 

All 501(C) organizations qualify.

$50 / monthly

 Pay as you go 

Will auto renew but you can unsubscribe online at anytime to cancel auto renewal.

 Pay upfront  

$500 / annually

 2 months free 

Will auto renew but you can unsubscribe online at anytime to cancel auto renewal.

1. a block

A BLOCK is an image with no copy that will draw someone to click on it to learn more. The only copy will be your business name that we add under your image.

This BLOCK will live on a slider in a "category" that describes your business best. If your business fits into more than one category, the block will live on all of them. So when a visitor comes to the website, they can look under the tab "Category", or do a "Search", and they will find your business' block.


Your block links to a full WEB PAGE on the Hello Fairfield County website. YOUR web page! On that page, you can share a short, catchy tag-line, plus a full description of your business. Let potential customers know what they will get, when they choose your business. And you can also share contact information for your business, such as address and phone number.

If you have a small business without a website, you can use this WEB PAGE as a place to direct customers to find you.  It's much more inexpensive than creating a full website!

3. A Link

Choose a link that a potential customer will go to, to learn more about you or your property.

  • Your Website or

  • Testimonial page (in Zillow, Facebook, website....wherever your testimonials are

  • Your social media page

  • Your featured listing page

  • Note that a link is not required if you prefer that visitors call or email you. It's up to you.


We use social media marketing methods to promote your business:


Included Each Month:


  • A monthly social media post about your business, plus social media shares.

  • A weekly "SHOUT OUT" in our popular Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County Facebook group (which has 10,000 local members)

  • Regular "SHOUT OUT"s in our email newsletter 

  • Social Listening: The HFC team monitors social media channels 24/7 and regularly shares each subscriber's info, via social listening, tagging, and shout-outs.




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