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Hello Happiness: Winter Health Tips

On social media, someone is always recommending something new to help them workout, cook, or use in their homes. So we decided to lean into our social media clients AND our online FB group members and these are things they are loving and using this month!



Winter is brutal on skin, from the dryness in the air which leads to chapped lips and hands, it seems never ending. So we asked our social media client Medicinal Skin what they recommend and what they use to combat this condition. Holly, the owner of the Ridgefield based skin care salon, says a HUMIDIFIER is one of the top tools to keep your skin from drying out. Do you have one? We do and we run ours all day. If you want more skincare tips, check out their YOUTUBE channel. They also have their own line of skin care products!

Have you heard of *DRY BRUSHING*?:

We hadn't, until Allison R., who is a member of our online community Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County told us it's great for dry skin. But what exactly is so great about it? It helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing helps unclog pores in the exfoliation process. So as the name says, it's meant to be done dry, not in the shower.


Mary D. says drinking water helps with the dryness, and Cara C. says vitamin D is a must! Another member, Keeko O. G. leveled up her home water system by installing a softener system. Hard water is very harsh on skin and hair. So if your home has hard water, reach out to our friends J. Mulvaney Plumbing & Heating and let them give you a quote for installing a softener system in your home.


It's the one from Carrie O. W. She says Girl Scout cookies are the way to combat winter skin and we have to agree, we have yet to find anything that GS cookies can't fix.

So find some happiness and grab a humidifier, drink some water, take a vitamin, and most importantly - find your nearest Girl Scout and order some cookies from her! And just hold on, winter is almost over! Thanks to everyone who helped us with these winter tips - if you haven't already, join our FB group Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County!


A special thanks to Holly from Medicinal Skin for giving us great tips for winter skin!


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