Top 5 Free Summer Things To Do In Ridgefield!

Now that summer is here and most of us are doing staycations, we decided to ask in our Facebook group, Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County for some free things to do in Ridgefield. (TIP: Join our FREE Facebook group to keep up on all the fun and funny things going on in Fairfield County!) We received so many great ideas! Here are the TOP 5 Free Things to do in Ridgefield, our Summer Edition.

#5 Hiking

Ridgefield is blessed with so many acres of hiking trails, with levels of difficulty for families or single hikers. If you are ready to lace your hiking boots, click here for the trails.

#4 Bark Park

Ridgefield residents are known for their passion for their pets, and the Bark Park is a prime example of it. It has 2 sides, one for larger dogs and the other is for smaller dogs. And it's FREE!

#3 Chirp CT

At one point the upcoming CHIRP season was cancelled due to Covid, BUT not anymore! Though the season will look different, so make sure you register for your spot. Also, make sure you understand their new guidelines before signing up for your FREE spot to one of the best summer things in Ridgefield.

#2 Martin Park