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The Farmer's Grind

I love when someone tells you about a hidden gem of a restaurant. So when we heard of The Farmer's Grind in South Salem, NY, we hopped in the car and zoomed over to see what it is all about.. It's right past Vista NY, tucked inside of Copia Home & Garden, which is an absolute treat of fall flowers, trees and so much more right now. But we were there to eat and eat we did. We were lucky to meet one half of the owners and learn of their story, how they started, and how it's been going. By the steady stream of people coming and going (masked up), we say it's going great. We learned they opened right in the middle of the pandemic. While other places were closing their doors, they had a plan and decided to stick to it, so they opened and were welcomed by their community with open arms, selling out of everything they made. So The Farmer's Grind was off to an amazing start.

open door, fruit inside and business card

I am a huge fan of small local eateries. Those tiny hole-in-the-wall places that seem almost magical when you find them AND they are exactly what people say about it. I can already tell you that The Farmer's Grind is that kind of place.

The staff was very warm and helpful. It's cozy and very rustic cute on the inside. I like to wander around and see everything before I even look at the menu. I can tell by what they sell if I like a place or not, I also think loose produce is just for looks in these kind of places but turns out, it was all for sale. Loose green tomatoes, squashes, handmade mozzarella and so much more.

dog treats, cross culture

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the sign saying "We Support Local" and that is something we can and will always get behind. Then we took a little closer look at who they were using and we noticed Ross's Bread from Ridgefield! So right then we knew our sandwich choice was going to be outstanding. The menu isn't huge but each sandwich is carefully thought out and made with the freshest ingredients, right now I am on a BRIE kick so when I saw the "Brie" Thankful, I knew that one was calling my name. Made on Ross's organic multigrain bread with oven roasted turkey, BRIE, arugula and apple butter then pressed and served warm. The apple butter gave it a bit of sweetness but not to much, this was a sandwich after all and not a sweet treat. It's PERFECT, it's the most perfect fall sandwich, the sandwich of our dreams. It all comes together so... PERFECTLY. So we thought we found the best sandwich until we heard whispers of a new sandwich coming, the words Gruyere & fig jam were mentioned, so now we wait and stalk their IG account to see when it's being served! We were so happy with everything from the food, coffee and the atmosphere, that we are planning to head back soon. We also did learn they do community events and the last one of the season is coming up on October 3rd, we hear people come from all over to listen to live music, nosh on some food truck food and enjoy ice cream. What could be more fun than spending some time with your community enjoying good food & company?


Oh we didn't even get into their potato empanadas and huge chunky chocolate chip cookies, we say get those too! We think you will be happy with everything. They also sell food from local vendors, homemade dog treats, homemade sausages, local kombucha and more. It's most definitely a hidden gem and we hope you will make the drive to it from wherever you are.


475 Smith Ridge Rd, South Salem, NY 10590

Click on their pictures to go to their IG & website accounts, then follow them to stay updated on their latest offerings.

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