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Tasting our way through the 21st annual "A Taste of Ridgefield"

It's no secret, we love to eat! So much that we created a Facebook Group called Hello Foodies! We love amazing food, and Connecticut is filled with some pretty incredible restaurants. So we jumped at the chance to attend the Ridgefield Rotary's 21st annual "A Taste of Ridgefield". We tasted our way through the event, stopping at most tables more than once because they were THAT good! We also had some help - a few young taste testers told us they'd give us their opinions too.

Here's a look at some of the yumminess we discovered there...



Mixing Cocktails - it was cool to watch the talented mixologist!









Here are a few more shots of the event:


A giant THANK YOU to

for putting on such a great annual event!



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