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Tarry Lodge in Westport

It's always a good day when we get invited to experience a new restaurant, but it's even a better day when we end up loving the restaurant! That's exactly what happened - when we were invited to try Tarry Lodge - we fell in love!

Since I'm not a professional writer and I just like to play one online, I don't know all the fluffy words writers use about food. I won't describe each bite and what emotions they bring up from my childhood as the food touches my tongue. Instead I will just give my opinion about the food. And in this case, I will also go on and on about how much I loved the atmosphere and the warm welcome we got by the staff!

Tarry Lodge is located on Charles Street in beautiful Westport, CT.

As soon as you walk in, you notice the whole wall of windows running down one side of the building. That makes for great lighting for food pictures (and we all LOVE taking 'gram worthy pictures). The background to the food is warm and stylish, whether you sit at the pizza bar or the actual bar. Everything screams "sit down and unwind, get ready to have a good time".

The general manager George Verlezza invited us. And when we got there, he met us at the door, and introduced us to the staff and gave us a brief history of the restaurant. We felt so welcomed. We learned they serve only Italian wines and on Wednesdays they offer half off all their wines. George told us they are the little sister restaurant to a 3 star NYC based restaurant and others. So they know excellent service and good food, and good food is exactly what we got!

I will just say right off the bat - the food was amazing! The highlight for me was the GOAT CHEESE pizza! We poured over the menu but in the end we asked Monique, our gorgeous server what we should have. She said you can't go wrong with anything off the menu BUT she said the GOAT CHEESE pizza would capture our heart. She also said if we love pasta, then *Spaghetti Alla Carbonara* with eggs and pancetta is what we needed to order. And she was right! There was also homemade breads, vanilla soft serve ice cream with lightly drizzled olive oil, and so much more. Everything was tasty and terrific - we left full and happy. I can honestly say, I loved it all and we ate it all! George was funny and very charming. Monique was right about everything she told us to order, and we walked out with stuffed bellies and amazing food pictures. We absolutely loved our time at Tarry Lodge, and we will most definitely go back with our entire team. BUT we know to call first because it gets crazy crowded.. and with their amazing food, we can see why!

Thank you George, Emily and everyone at Tarry Lodge for the warm welcome and the amazingly delicious lunch. If you go, tell them you saw it in Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County, FB group!


30 Charles Street, Westport

(203) 571-1038


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