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STORY: Baby's First Haircut

When you have a child, you look forward to all their “firsts.” First tooth, first steps, and of course first haircut. When my 18 month old son Cayden was having a hard time seeing because of hair falling in his eyes, and being mistaken for a girl, I knew it was time for that first haircut.

I called Hair Couture Salon in Ridgefield, and made an appointment, with the help of the very friendly, Mike who answered the phone.

The salon located at 590 Danbury Road, is very beautiful inside, with a light, modern feel, and of course friendly Mike greeting us as we arrived for our appointment.


Tami was the one who cut my son's hair.

She was wonderful and friendly, and she and I had a lovely conversation as my son sat happily on my lap, letting her snip away.

He was all smiles the entire time!


She did a fantastic job, and he looks like a little boy now, instead of a baby. Thank you Tami and Hair Couture Salon for making one of our firsts so easy! We will surely be back!

For more information about Hair Couture Salon,

you can read about them here.

590 Danbury Road

Ridgefield, CT



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