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STORY: A Visit To Ridgefield Sports Medicine

A Hello Ridgefield Story

By Cindie L.

Ridgefield Sports Medicine opened recently. When they joined the Hello Ridgefield Community & Business Guide, the owner, Dr. Betsy Pulick, invited our team to come in and tour the new facility. I jumped at the chance. Below is my story about it... (Read to the bottom for a one year later UPDATE)


A little back-story on me first: after a car accident, and a bad ski fall when I was in my 20's, I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain, not to mention severe TMJ from just the stress of life! I did visit a chiropractor for a while, tried massage therapy too, but after little-relief, I finally just gave up and have suffered through the pain.

I started a new exercise program about 6 months ago, and my neck and shoulder pain flared up again. That's why when I heard about Ridgefield Sports Medicine opening, I was interested in learning more. I was curious to see what they offer. And what sets them apart from other places.


RSM is located at 159 Danbury Road (that's the new building next to the Enchanted Garden, and the Rec Center). It's a convenient spot to get to from any part of town, with plenty of parking.

Inside I was greeted warmly by Dr. Betsy Pulick, who is the owner and a treating physician at Ridgefield Sports Medicine.

It's a bright, modern facility that feels clean and welcoming.

I chatted with Dr. Pulick - she has an impressive background. She graduated from Long Island University and obtained her Doctorate from the University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic. And she is certified in both Faktr, Graston and Rock Tape. She also completed the McMasters, Medical Acupuncture course in Hamilton, Ontario.

Her philosophy is that combining various sports medicine modalities, helps people recover quickly from and also prevents future injuries.


After our chat, Dr. Pulick gave me a tour of the facility.

There's a bright, sunny PT room, a few treatment rooms, a room where she does the Webster Technique, for pregnant women; and also a room containing a machine called a "Triton" - which is used for Spinal Decompression Therapy. You can read more about this pretty incredible therapy here.


After the tour, Dr. Pulick said she'd take a look at my neck, shoulders & TMJ issues. She was extremely thorough going over my medical history and listening to my complaints. Very empathetic and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable right away.