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ridgefield pet

We are proud to be Ridgefield's local family-owned pet supply store, for the past 32 years! We carry everything you need for any pet you have, PLUS, at Ridgefield Pet, our aim is to not only bring people closer to their pets, but closer to their family, friends, and home as well.

We want to help you make your home both pet and people friendly, which is why we have expanded our services beyond high quality pet supplies, pet containment and koi ponds to creating luxurious and relaxing home spaces.

Ridgefield Pets' Rucolas Family of Specialties features elegant pool and patio installations and exquisite indoor stone work. It seems only natural to offer our customers a way to bring their families, friends, and pets all together in the great outdoors by creating a personal and unique space for everyone to enjoy.

​Ridgefield Pet

23 Danbury Road

Ridgefield, CT 06757



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