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Neighborhood Spotlight: Say Hello To... Brad!

What happens when you grow up in a small town and leave it and think to yourself, there is no way you will live the rest of your life in a small town again? Then you meet a girl who was also raised in a small town, and she helps you see the beauty of living your best life and raising kids in a small town...

So, you marry her, move back to that amazing small town -- Ridgefield -- and you settle down there. You have 2 kids and send them to the SAME pre-school you went to.

What happens? You realize what an amazing town it truly is!

This little tidbit of a story belongs to….. Brad Blosat, a member of Hello Ridgefield!

Being an administrator of several groups on FB, I come across thousands of people daily and I love that every single one of our neighbors has a story to tell. A background. An interesting characteristic. AND... since I am nosy, I decided to launch this new Hello Fairfield County feature: Neighborhood Spotlight!

Our First Spotlight is the guy we mentioned above.... Brad.

He's the father of 2 and husband to Sarah. Raised in Ridgefield and now raising his 2 sons in the same small town. The town he couldn't wait to leave, but the town that he was so happy to return to. To give his kids the same kind of upbringing he had. Is there any stronger tribute to the charm of Ridgefield than making the decision to move back and raise your own family in the same small town? There isn't! Brad is an only child, so these days, being in a house with 2 small boys, he needs to get alone-time every once in a while. So he takes walks by himself in the Ridgebury section of Ridgefield, to gather his senses and his humor to tackle life raising boys. If you see him, walking and talking to himself, honk and wave at your Fairfield County neighbor.

Brad in the middle of a crosswalk jumping!

~Tonya H.

Hello Ridgefield!


Thank you to Claudia Pacifico Photography for Brad's amazing pictures! Reach out to her for photography that you will fall in love with. Here's some of the work she did for the Hello Ridgefield team:

If you want to recommend someone to be featured in our Neighborhood Spotlight Series, email us at


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