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It's FALL Y'ALL! Another Hello Happiness story!

As the seasons change it means we are one step closer to 2020 being done and over! Now that's exciting in itself. But living in New England means the leaves start to change colors to magical oranges, reds and yellows and that's one of the best parts of living here! We know what we love about Fall (pumpkin spice EVERYTHING), but we wanted to see what others LOVE too. So we reached out to our community of Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County! and asked them.


Lesley told us that she LOVES and looks forward to college football... me too Lesley! That marks the start of Fall to many people, Saturdays are made for college football, let's GO OKLAHOMA STATE!

Nothing says FALL like apple picking, says Stephanie M. As for me, I make sure I do it while wearing flannel shirts and Uggs, (even it's still 80 degrees in early October!) The photos come out great and make for a sweet Facebook post... lol We can top that though! Combine apple picking during the day, then movie night in your own backyard with a HUGE screen from Movie Night Rentals! Talk about a perfect FALL day!

Here is a great list of local Apple Picking spots.

collage of all fall things

It's not FALL unless you bring out your crockpot and start planning fall recipes. Holly C. told us that she lives for all the Fall foods - we do too! Let's count the ways we love FALL foods... apple cider donuts, the huge varieties of soups & stews for our insta-pots. Warm breads baking in our ovens that fill the house up with that yummy smell, apple pie, pumpkin pie...

FALL foods are some of the best foods! Fall of 2020 means so much more, as the year has been a rough one due to Covid and the uncertainty of everything. It brings hope and excitement for the upcoming holidays, it gives us a chance to dream of family gatherings again, tasting Aunt Bee's pecan pie in person, hearing the same old family stories over and over again, and leaving 2020 behind as we move into a new (and hopefully better) year!

Fall is truly magical, the team at Hello Fairfield Social Media wish you the very best one!


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