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it's National Bagel Day

Who doesn't love a good, chewy carb? We don't know anyone who doesn't love a BAGEL. Today being #nationalbagelday, we decided to check in with the Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County FB group members to see what is their favorite bagel.

Before we see what is the #1 bagel, we quickly googled the history of the bagel. Seems long ago like way back in Medieval times in Poland, people gave bagels to women after childbirth thinking the shape of the bagel was tied to women.. round bagel, round woman.. hmmmm??? Let's move on from that, nowadays bagels can be found in the common grocery store aisle, frozen or fresh. If you live in Fairfield County, there are so many great bagel places, so we polled our team and asked them where do they get their favorite bagels and what goes on it.

The HELLO Team's faves: Cindie loves H&H Bagels in NYC, she gets their everything bagel with cream cheese.

Jennifer F treks to Bagelman in Danbury, CT to get an everything with garden veggie cream cheese or if she is treating herself, real lox with cream cheese and a slice of tomato.

Jennifer G loves Bagel Crossing in Bethel, CT. She grabs a cranberry bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. Carolyn is another fan of an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese or a cinnamon raisin with butter. She loves a Steve's Bagel from Ridgefield, CT.

Tonya, loves a Bagelman everything toasted with plain cream cheese! So back to our poll, seems an EVERYTHING bagel is the overall winner, so get out this weekend and grab some bagels from your favorite place!


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