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Is Tomasino's Still A Hidden Gem In Redding?

I have started writing this about 3 times and kept starting over... I have written about each dish and why you should try it and tossed those stories out. Nothing was working for me, everything was sounding wrong and fake.

WHY? I was asked to come out for a second tasting at Tomasinos and to blog about it. The standard is to eat and take pictures and write about how amazing each dish is. And yes, the food is fantastic! We ate and ate and there is NOTHING bad to say, each dish was special in it's own way. But something was bugging me each time I tried to write about the food. I think because there is something about Tomasinos that has been bugging me... It finally dawned on me what was bothering me, it's that this little gem of a place is still relatively unknown! How is that possible?

I mean it when I say the FOOD IS FANTASTIC, from the fried burrata to the crazy good Pollo Sorrento... crazy good, just trust me, it's crazy good!! I am the kind of person who says no way, would I order a chicken dish at a pizza place. But now I may never get pizza there again because of that chicken dish, it's really that good!

This tiny little place is the kind of place that is always in movies, it's the town hang-out, the place where you walk in and they KNOW YOU & YOUR ORDER. It's not fancy, but is is cozy. The food isn't trendy, but the food is traditional and always good. It's a family owned and family run restaurant, you might even catch a peek of Chef Thomas Costanzo's grandson around when you go.

It's the kind of restaurant that every small town should have, family-owned and community minded. The kind of place everyone can get what they want, Stinger Pie or just White Pie, they have it! Wings or freshly made pasta, they have it. So Redding, trust me when I say, I am jealous that Tomasinos is in your backyard and not mine. Make an effort to show your little local places love, they love their community enough to open their dream business in your town. That's how your area and your local businesses grow and thrive, you eat local and shop local. In turn they will donate to your schools, organizations and help your local economy grow!


Tomasinos is truly a hidden gem and should be your hometown favorite!

Oh and let me say it one more time, get that Sorrentino (Pollo) ~ eggplant, prosciutto and mozzarella, sherry brown sauce...YUM!

~Tonya H.

The Hello Team

You can visit them here:

Tomasino's Pizza & Pasta

2 Long Ridge Road


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