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Hello Happiness: Summer Edition

On social media, someone is always recommending something new to help them workout, cook, or use in their homes. So we decided to lean into our social media clients AND our online Facebook group members and ask them what things they are *SUMMER LOVING*.



Summer is full of sunny skies and if you aren't careful, that could lead to sunburn! Dawn L from Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County FB group suggests *SUN BUM*

sunscreen, so we ran out and bought it to try it. It smells of coconuts and the breeze of a beach with happy childhood summer memories all rolled in that bottle. LOL If you see it in the store, grab one and try it out. We love it.


By now, you know wearing a mask is one of the easiest ways to help fight Covid 19. Did you also know that Tiger Sports, in the heart of Ridgefield, carries one of the largest selections of masks?They can also custom-make masks with your business logo or school organization on them. Reach out to them or call them to see how they can help you. #maskupridgefield #maskupfairfieldcounty


Summer means it's time to pull out the grill and fire it up! Somehow corn and steak taste so much better grilled in the summer. Also, how much fun is going strawberry picking or picking baskets of peaches, that is part of the joy of summer! Thanks to Sybl D and Allie R for these suggestions.


Summer means lazy carefree days spent at the ocean or if you are doing a staycation, heading into Ridgefield on Tuesdays for the ChirpCT free concerts! Even though we are in a pandemic, you can make the most of SUMMER 2020!


Thanks to everyone who helped us with these SUMMER tips - if you haven't already, join our FB group Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County!


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