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Hello Foodies Investigates: Gallo's Sciuè Sciuè.

Have you heard of 'Sciuè Sciuè’? In Italy's Napoletana dialect it simply means “Hurry Up”. It's a dish that is cooked quickly and deliciously. Many different versions of it have been perfected; lucky for Ridgefield, one version is served right here in town, at Ridgefield's very own Gallo Ristorante.

It begins with a GIANT wheel of Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Gallo's Executive Chef Castellano brings the cheese wheel and the ingredients and prepares the spaghetti-based dish table-side. With relatively simple ingredients, and in only minutes, pasta magic happens. We can promise you if you try it, it's one you won't soon forget!

Our friends at Aerial360 Solutions videotaped the dish being made. Head to the Hello Foodies Facebook Page to see it.

Thank you to Gallo Ristorante for letting us come in and learn all about their most popular and delicious pasta meals.



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