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Getting Fit At FitGuana

An Original Hello Ridgefield Story

By Tonya H.

We got a sneak peek at the newest gym that's opening in Ridgefield - FitGuana - located on Bailey Avenue.

So what can we say about FitGuana?

We loved it! But we have to be honest... we think the interior is way too "stunning" to have sweaty people running around in it. If you have ever been in the old office space of The Ridgefield Press, you won't believe what it looks like now! It's gorgeous!

If exercise isn't your thing, you should still go and see how amazing FitGuana is. They're hosting an Open House this Saturday from 11am-4pm, and if you do go, you get a FREE month's pass, no strings attached! Yes... a FREE month!

So what did we discover?

We met with FitGuana owner, Sander Vanacker who has launched FitGuana with his artist wife. They are a local family who are eager and ready to help local Ridgefielders reach their fitness goals. You can see Sander's fitness credentials, and the schedule of their classes; all on the FitGuana website. And starting Monday you can get your fitness ON starting at 5:30 am with High Intensity Interval Training, (and let's be honest, you gotta be into fitness to train at 5:30 am!)

So what does FitGuana offer?

You will find all the usual fitness equipment there like kettlebells, TRX Suspension and rowing machines, and you will also find MMA! I gotta be honest, I visualized a giant ring with fencing around it in the middle of this new gym. Turns out, Nope! But you will find mats and dedicated time to teaching this fitness style. I am super curious as I know nothing about it and apparently it does NOT include clotheslining someone...darn!

So go visit FitGuana this Saturday and take a look around at the walls, benches (waterfall), and the barn doors (and ask Sander who did all this amazing work..hint he did!) In fact that bench you might be sitting on, it's for sale. Just don't sweat on it, it's too stunning ;)


A fitness wannabe!

Visit FitGuana:

16 Bailey Avenue

Ridgefield, CT 06877

Click HERE to see their Open House Event Info

Visit their Website:


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