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NYC meets CT in a Bagel!!

Fletch's Bagels

Fluffy soft-on-the-inside/crusty-on-the-outside Bagels... NYC meets CT Bagels!

About Us:

A Bagel obsessed Family! Fletch grew up in Ridgefield and after living in NYC/Westchester County for 15 years has moved back to town with his young family, dog Oscar, and obsession for a fluffy soft-on-the-inside/crusty-on-the-outside bagel... NYC meets CT!

Preorder your freshly baked Bagels for Saturday or Sunday morning pickup at Ridgefield Prime on 113 Danbury Rd in Ridgefield CT.

For custom orders/catering please call us at (917) 685-4725!

Fletch's Bagels

Ridgefield, CT


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