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BLOG: 3 Top Photo Apps For Creating Social Media Posts

BLOG POST: 8.20.19 By Tonya Hinojosa

Do you have a Facebook or Instagram Business Page? Do you struggle with designing your own graphic posts? Then keep reading! We're highlighting 3 apps that can help make your social media easier!

Ideally, graphics are created using PhotoShop, or other Mac or PC based sites, but we sometimes have to do social media on-the-go; which are also easier for non-techy people to use. So we decided to share our top 3 apps for when you want to either create posts quickly, or create posts simply!


Their tag line says it all - "Create like a pro, on the go". First I should say, I am a sucker for apps and just go right to the paid membership for them immediately. So I have the PRO version of this app, and no I don't remember how much I pay yearly. I'm a baller like that ;) I do know this is the app I use daily for resizing pics for Instagram; and the constantly added fonts make me happy. Yet, I rarely use them BUT if I really wanted to, they are there.

Now this is one of my favorite parts - they have over 4,000 editable templates and tons and tons of gorgeous commercial-free stock pics. So when I type in "social media" gorgeous ready pics are there. So I can pretend my desk is stunning and uncluttered and pass those pics off as my desk. When in reality, my style is closer to "Hoarders"

They also let me store my clients logos on the app so they are ready to be added when I need them, I can't say it enough, this is the #1 app on my phone. Try it out and come back and let me know what you think.

It's basically the same as OVER. It has a different layout so maybe that's what sucked me into paying for it. This one has levels of purchases; you can purchase packages of fonts and ready-to-go templates. AND yes, I bought several of these. Some of them are only $1.99 per quarter. Plus, I forgot how to opt out of it! They say a sucker is born every minute and I am a sucker for apps. I gotta be honest, I don't use this one very much but I have my favorite templates that I like to use. I just swap out their pic for one of mine and add some words and voila it's done: gorgeous content for our clients.

This is also similar to the other two - you can resize photos for popular platforms. It's very basic and truly anyone can use it. It's the most basic of the 3. So if you don't feel comfortable with photo editing, and having too many layout and font options, then Word Swag is for you. Choose a pic, pick the size and start to add your words, choose your font, color and BAM it's done.

So now we have given you some insight to our secrets, try them out and let us know, which one you like!

And if you need help with your social media presence, Hello Ridgefield Social Media Consulting can help. Just let us know!


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