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Some people love to dine at fancy places and some love to dine at low key hole in the wall places, this is the struggle that me and my bestie have each time we want to have lunch together.

This time I decided to man up and eat at one of her favorite places. I didn't tell her it was really because I heard Luc's has amazing french fries, known as frites. We can keep that as our little secret.

I knew they had an amazing outdoor dining space, very posh, very NYC. When I saw it, it was pretty beautiful, but we opted for inside dining as I have never seen the inside.

I've actually been to France and loved it but the food isn't exactly what I crave when I think of dining out. In fact if I am being honest, fancy to me means a really good burger.

We got there right at 11am and were the only ones so far, so we got the pick of the place. The tables have very LARGE plexiglass between them. I wish they were tinted, that would make it way more cozy and romantic, but romance isn't why we were there. I was on a mission to taste those french fries.

I can honestly say this, the service from the moment we sat down till we paid and left was amazing! Probably the best I have ever encountered in Ridgefield. I didn't grab the name of our waiter but he was so warm and friendly but not overly friendly. He didn't hover nor check every 2 minutes to see if we needed anything else. He gave us plenty of space to talk but I could see he was keeping an eye on us. The best service hands down!

We both knew what we were going to have even before we sat down, the french ham and cheese sandwich known as croque-monsieur was my choice. I was sure it would come with french fries, it's a sandwich after all... but it doesn't, it comes with a salad.. darn!

Our waiter sat this very small bowl of chocolate coffee beans down in front of us, turns out once my glasses went on, they weren't coffee beans but

That was nice but coffee beans would have been better, olives are on my "do not eat" list. Which by the way, is pretty long starting with olives.. lol

My bestie decided on mussels and those came with the famous french fries, that's why we are great together, she didn't want them, so they became mine.