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A Field Trip To A Dream Grocery Store

Wegmans supermarket

In a little under an hour, you can find yourself walking into the hottest grocery store in the Tri-State area. Wegmans has come to New York, more specifically 106 Corporate Park Dr, Harrison NY.

When it leaked out that Wegmans was coming close enough for people in Fairfield County to drive to, excitement was all over the Hello Foodies FB group. One of the Hello team members decided to drive over and see what all the fuss was about.

aisles of food

She said it was a busy mom's dream come true. Aisles and rows of amazing prepared foods. From poke bowls full of fresh seafood, to freshly baked goodies like fresh tarts, cakes, breads and so much more. You can wander row after row (with a mask on of course), maybe grab a burger at their Burger Bar. A BURGER BAR in the supermarket... YAS!

Burger bar, coffee shop and seafood

So make the effort to head over there. Our tip - don't take the kids, just wander freely with a burger in one hand slowly enjoying all that Wegmans has to offer!


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