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RCK: Staying together the 2020 way... virtually!

This Covid-19 virus truly has disrupted our lives and most everything we know and do has changed dramatically. Yet many are making connections online with their community in new ways. One amazing story to come out of this has been the way RCK Preschool has kept their school together - growing and learning.


Ridgefield Community Kindergarten, known in town as RCK Preschool, decided to start a Facebook group to communicate with their families when the preschool closed due to the spread of Coronavirus into the Tri-State area.

“Since we are a small school with strong family ties, we (the staff), thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with our families during what could be a difficult time. We are a hands-on preschool and we felt that using social media was a great way to share all the hands-on activities that we do."


"We form our activities based on the materials that are needed. We pick activities using everyday materials so that parents don’t need to go to the store to get the materials. We are sharing ideas and activities with the parents reinforcing fine and gross motor skills, learning about science and using the arts and literacy in our posts to keep the students engaged and learning, while at home. We give the parents ideas and encourage them to do the activities with their children. The parents send us pictures and videos of the activities they have done at home", said the RCK staff.

"I started to make science videos. I have heard that the 2 year olds really think I am talking to them!", says RCK teacher, Ms. Lisa.

"Many of our parents work part time or full time. So it has helped them to really see what we do and who we are as a preschool."

Adds parent, Karyn Wang, “the page gives us a sense of community, even from afar. We love seeing the activities others are doing, pictures of friends, and of course videos of Mrs. DelGiudice doing science!".

“The Facebook group brings a little bit of normalcy during an anything but normal time. It allows the parents, students, and teachers to still be present in each other's lives, sharing what we are doing and how we are doing, despite not being able to be physically together. We are all so lucky to have such an incredibly caring, supportive, and all around amazing preschool community. This page proves that a little distance can't change that", says parent Jennifer Cade.

All you have to do is stop and look around, and you will see the amazing ways communities are able to stay together and help each out out. We understand the the power of online communities, we built Hello Ridgefield & Fairfield County to give small businesses a way to connect to their local area.

Please reach out to RCK Preschool to learn more about their school programs and what they have planned for summer 2020!


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