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Creating Art at The Art Spot

The Art Spot

By Jennifer G.

If you are looking for an art school that has it all, The Art Spot is the spot to be. The location of their bright, and inviting studio cannot be more convenient. Located right on Route 7 with ample parking, it’s location makes it easy for all of Fairfield County to get involved in art.

The Sunday afternoon class I experienced with my daughter was called Intro to Watercolors. There were a wide variety of students the day we attended, including a family celebrating a birthday where all the siblings were sharing in the fun. Bruce and Joanne cannot be anymore welcoming as you enter the studio. They even have a mascot named “Kai the Dog” who everyone loves.

The first half of the class was learning about the different colors on the color wheel, mixing colors and, the different techniques that can be used while using watercolors. Bruce and Joanne have a fun way of teaching art to their students in a way even a novice like myself can understand. The passion that they have for their craft is easy to see and passing it along to those in their class seems to be their top priority. They both go out of their way to make sure each student understands the tools that are used in creating a piece of artwork, and they teach you different tricks to make that piece look its best.

After the educational part of the class, we were able to make our watercolor still life. They went out of their way to give each student a choice in the objects from the studio that they would be creating. My 5 and a half year old wanted the pink flowers arrangement, but there were many other items the students had to choose from including flowers and stuffed animals. Bruce and Joanne went around to each student giving them suggestions and encouraging them in ways to make their piece look its best. At the end of the class Joanne carefully matted everyone's masterpieces and we all went home with a real piece of art.

The minute we got in the car my daughter told me what a fun time she had, and I couldn’t agree more. She is eager to return, and so am I. During my visit, I learned that besides classes, they offer camps, and birthday parties, as well as the try- it classes. I highly encourage anyone interested in art to give them a try, and let your creativity run wild.

You can visit The Art Spot at

88 Sugar Hollow Road

Danbury, CT 06810

Located Directly ON Route 7

For more info on The Art Spot...

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